December 26 – Announcement from the Eritrean Government on Clarification of COVID-19 Guidelines

These are clarifications of the December 22 High Level Task Force COVID-19 Guidelines that will be in effect until the end of December 2020:

  1. Except those who work in activities related to development, safety, and essential services, everyone must avoid unnecessary movement and remain at home. Except for emergency cases or food purchases, all movement done – whether by foot, bicycle, cart, or car – is prohibited.
  2. Except those operating in food processing, groceries, bakeries, vegetable, fruit, and grain shops, health centers, pharmacies, banks, all businesses must close until further notice. Payment of electricity, water and telephone bills will be suspended.  Except those who work on jobs that cannot be left pendent, All non-essential government employees will stay home.
  3. Movement between zobas, except for transporting food, is prohibited. Transporting sick people is only the responsibility of the Ministry of Health.  Trucks are not allowed to transport people.
  4. Main service rendering institutions (manufacturers, agricultural works, building works, etc.) will continue their work. In villages, those who work on farming and animal herding and other important developmental works will continue their work.
  5. In all permitted work activities and movements, wearing masks, respecting social distancing, and using sanitizers is required.
  6. To ensure the proper practice of these guidelines, in additional to people engaging in self-restraint, police, security forces, and zonal administration committees should closely monitor and ensure that these recommendations are followed. Those who violate these guidelines will be subject to legal charges.