Jazz Musicians Entertain Asmara

The U.S. Embassy welcomed American and European jazz musicians, the Joan Minor & Sulaiman Hakim Jazz Quintet, from December 18-23 in Asmara. In cooperation with the Commission of Culture and Sports, the musicians entertained audiences for two concerts in the historic Cinema Asmara and one concert in the Embasoira Hotel. Chief of Mission Natalie E. Brown informed audiences that jazz is a uniquely American form of music, born in New Orleans and influenced by numerous cultures, that continues to evolve as musicians learn from and interact with others.  Commenting on the concert series, Joan and Sulaiman both said: “being in Eritrea is an experience we will never forget—we love the enthusiasm shown by current and future artists who participated in our workshops and the warm audience response during our concerts. ”  The musicians also led a three day workshop with aspiring Eritrean musicians at the Eritrean Musician’s Association.