Medical Evacuation Providers

You may have noticed that the Insurance Providers for Overseas Coverage page on has changed! Why the change?

The webpage revamp is part of a larger effort by the ACS Health Working Group to review and refresh all health related pages on After much deliberation, it was decided that managing an outdated list of private medical travel insurance and medical evacuation providers was not a useful tool for post or the public. The companies listed did not reflect the number of providers offered and searches through Google or aggregate insurance websites showed more comprehensive information on available insurance carriers and plans. To avoid duplication of efforts, the ACS Health Working Group decided to use the webpage to explain the importance of obtaining medical travel insurance and the kind of coverage to consider. Travelers can use the information to find insurance that meets their needs.

Where do we find information on medical evacuation providers?

Unfortunately, we will no longer maintain a list of providers on  As a starting point, below are some reputable medical evacuation companies that operate globally.

  1. International SOS
  2. Global Rescue
  3. AirMed
  4. Air Ambulance Worldwide
  5. AeroCare
  6. AirEvac
  7. Angel MedFlight