Applicant is Under Age 16

  • For children born in Eritrea applying for a first time passport, please see the link above “Applying for Citizenship” for information on first applying for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.
  • To renew your child’s (under age 16) passport:
    • The child and both parents must appear in person unless one parent presents an original court order for sole custody, a death certificate for the other parent, or an original notarized DS-3053 Statement of Consent (PDF 52KB) (with passport or other ID copy attached (PDF 62 KB) from the absent parent.
    • Proof of parentage (original Eritrean birth certificate or original CRBA)
    • Applicant’s most recent passport.  If the passport is expired, must submit other valid identification.
    • Parents’ valid passports or government-issued photo IDs
    • DS-11 passport form (PDF 97.2 KB)
    • 1 passport photo
    • Fees: $105 USD or nakfa equivalent